About The Brew Site

It’s all about the beer.

The Brew Site is a beer blog dedicated to all things beer and brewing. I have been writing this blog since 2004, which places The Brew Site among the longest-running beer blogs.

(The two older blogs I am aware of that have been ongoing are: Yours for Good Fermentables, an excellent blog by Thomas Cizauskas based in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area, running since September of 2002; and A Good Beer Blog, also excellent, based in Canada and written by Alan McLeod since May of 2003. For a bit of time I thought The Brew Site was the longest-running American beer blog (since Alan’s Canadian one is older) until I found YFGF. Good company to be in!)

Based in Bend, Oregon, there is of course a strong Oregon beer focus on this blog; in addition you will find: