The SessionThe Session #125: SMaSH Beers

This month’s edition of The Session is being hosted by friend and fellow beer blogger, Mark Lindner, the Bend Beer Librarian, and he’s chosen a topic deceptive in its simplicity: SMaSH Beers. Our local, annual SMaSH Fest, part of Central Oregon Beer Week, happened two weekends ago. Sadly, I missed it this year due … Continue reading

The SessionThe next Session will be SMaSHing

The Session for July 2017 has been announced, and it is being hosted by my friend and fellow Bend beer blogger Mark Lindner: SMaSH Beers. “SMaSH” is an acronym for Single Malt and Single Hop; essentially, these are beers brewed as advertised, with one variety of malt and one variety … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #124: Late, Lamented Loves

The June edition of The Session, number 124, is hosted by David Bardallis of All the Brews Fit to Pint, and the topic he’s chosen is saudade: Late, Lamented Loves. I mean a beer you remember fondly but which is no longer in production. It needn’t be an objectively “great” beer, though it … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #123: CyberBrew

This month’s edition of The Session is hosted by Josh Weikert who writes Beer: Simple. Josh asks us to consider the role of the internet in craft beer: This month, we’re taking on the internet and craft beer: is it a help, a hinderance, an annoyance, or all of the above? … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #122: Views on Imported Beer

Talk about synchronicity — this month’s edition of The Session lands on National Beer Day! For those of us here in the United States, April 7 is the day that the Cullen–Harrison Act went into effect, effectively ending U.S. Prohibition ahead of the ratification of the 21st Amendment. It’s a great day … Continue reading

The SessionThe next Session: Imports

The topic for the next edition of The Session has been posted, and it’s being hosted by fellow Oregonian Christopher Barnes of I think about beer. Christopher is asking us to share our views on imported beer. I love imported beer, specifically Belgian and German beer. They’re what I drink. … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #121 Round-up

A bit of a lighter-than-usual turnout for this month’s edition of The Session, which was all about Bock. Aside from my own post I tracked seven others via comments to the blog or on Twitter. If I missed anybody, let me know and I will update this roundup. Updated 3/8 (see … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #121: Bock!

For this month’s edition of The Session, I volunteered for hosting duties and for a topic I suggested a beer style: Bock! The topic we will be writing about is inspired by a beer style traditionally associated with spring: Bock! The month of March heralds the start of spring, and … Continue reading

The SessionReminder: The Session #121 is coming up March 3!

Just a friendly reminder that the next Session, all about Bock, is coming up in a week and a half! Friday, March 3 is the date, but I’ll have it open all weekend. And if you are planning to attend BockFest that weekend, a Session post about that would be worth … Continue reading