The SessionReminder: The Session #121 is coming up March 3!

Just a friendly reminder that the next Session, all about Bock, is coming up in a week and a half! Friday, March 3 is the date, but I’ll have it open all weekend. And if you are planning to attend BockFest that weekend, a Session post about that would be worth … Continue reading

The SessionAnnouncing The Session #121 for March: Bock!

I am pleased to announce that I will hosting the March 2017 edition of The Session, which will take place on Friday, March 3. The topic we will be writing about is inspired by a beer style traditionally associated with spring: Bock! The month of March heralds the start of … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #120: Brown Beer

Ten years in and we are still doing The Session! This month marks our 120th edition of “Beer Blogging Friday” which seems pretty momentous in the world of beer blogging—and I’ve been here for nearly all of them (had a few that I missed or was very late on). I … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #119: Discomfort Beer

It’s the first Friday of 2017 and for this new year the one hundred and nineteenth edition of The Session is hosted by Alec Latham who writes the mostly about beer…….. blog based in England. Alec has come up with the idea of Discomfort Beer to write about this month, relating the … Continue reading

The SessionThe next Session: Discomfort

The next edition of The Session, taking place on Friday, January 6, is being hosted by Alec Latham of “mostly about beer……..” and his topic is Discomfort Beer: For Session 119 I’d like you to write about which/what kind of beers took you out of your comfort zones. Beers you … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #118: Who’s coming to dinner?

This month’s edition of The Session (which was properly hosted on the first Friday, even though this one is appearing on the first Monday of December) is hosted by Stan Hieronymus, who asked us to consider a hypothetical beer dinner: If you could invite four people dead or alive to … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #117: What will we see more of?

This month’s edition of The Session is hosted by Beer Means Business, where Csaba Babak asks us to consider the Beer Future, and What We Will See More Of: The final picture of Beer Future will be based on what you think we will see MORE of. Over the last 10 years, … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #116, and the next Session

Sad but true: I completely missed this month’s October edition of The Session, the topic of which was (of all things I should have written about!) Goses hosted by Derrick Peterman. #116 was the first Session I missed entirely (though I’ve been late on the deadline before). Be sure to … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #115: The Role of Beer Books

For this September edition of The Session, Joan Villar-i-Martí of Blog Birraire asks us to consider The Role of Beer Books: The discussion at hand is “The Role of Beer Books“. Participants can talk about that first book that caught their attention, which brought them to get interested in beer; or … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #114: Pilsners

I missed the August edition of The Session last Friday entirely due to what has become The Busiest Summer Ever™, but I couldn’t let it completely pass without a quick note. It was hosted by Alistair Reece over at Fuggled, with the style topic of Pilsners: What I want folks to … Continue reading