ReviewsWorthy Brewing: Peace Pipe Porter

Earlier this month I had an article about the goings-on at Worthy Brewing here in Bend: the release of Strata IPA, their X-Hop experimental beers, the release of Dark Muse Imperial Stout. One beer that didn’t make the cut, however, was their Peace Pipe Porter, the fall and winter release … Continue reading

ReviewsFresh hop season wrap up

Fresh hop season is winding down for another year, and while there are still plenty of fresh hop beers on the shelves to enjoy, I thought I’d write a wrap-up post on the events attended and beers drank. The Sisters Fresh Hop Festival was once again a good event that … Continue reading

ReviewsSisters Fresh Hop Festival 2017 review, pictures

Another good year for the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival; the weather was a bit chillier than in recent years but that certainly did not keep people away! This year there were more vendors (including Bend Brew Daddy) and I’m reasonably sure more people attending early on. One thing that started … Continue reading

ReviewsQuick note: Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA 2017

Just some quick Friday night thoughts about this year’s edition of Hopzeit Autumn IPA from Deschutes Brewery, as I sip through the last of the three bottles they sent me. I’m still happy that Deschutes is putting out a fall seasonal beer in lieu of a Jubelale early release. Someday … Continue reading

BeersFor #IPADay: McMenamins Sunflower IPA

For this 2017 edition of #IPADay I thought I’d write a bit about McMenamins Sunflower IPA—the canned version that the company gifted me recently. I am drinking the last of the four cans as I write this, and I’ve enjoyed the beer as I’ve worked my way through it. It’s … Continue reading

ReviewsTuesday Tastings: Brews from Bandon

Today’s Tuesday Tastings beers weren’t technically brewed in Bandon, Oregon, but they were acquired from there. And if/when you read that Bandon post you’ll see that they are thematically appropriate to the southern Oregon coastal town and representative of Bandon-ish beers to look for. Both of these were gifted to … Continue reading

Beer of the Week: 7 Devils Brewing Groundswell IPA

A weekend trip to Bandon, on the southern Oregon coast yielded some pleasant beer finds, moreso than I’ve found in the past. The town itself is getting a new brewery, Bandon Brewing, the pizza/pub portion of which is open already, with the brewhouse hopefully coming online in the next 4-5 … Continue reading

ReviewsTuesday Tastings: A Pyramid Brewing trio

Time for another Tuesday Tastings! Tonight I’m reviewing three beers from Pyramid Brewing that were sent to me this year (though I must confess, I am late in posting notes about). First, let’s get some things out of the way about Pyramid. Founded in 1984, in the early years they were one … Continue reading

ReviewsTuesday Tastings: Bend’s newest red ales

Both of Bend’s Deschutes Brewery and Worthy Brewing released new red ales for 2017, and both sent samples my way. So for this Tuesday Tastings review roundup it made sense to compare and contrast the newest reds on the block. Deschutes Brewery Swivelhead Red India Style Red Ale The latest … Continue reading

ReviewsCider Saturday: Sonoma Cider The Jax

I had heard of beer inspired by breakfast cereal—perhaps more accurately, brewed with breakfast cereal—but similarly inspired cider was a new one to me. Such was The Jax Breakfast Cereal, a limited-run cider from Sonoma Cider, released in early December. As you might surmise from the name, The Jax was inspired by … Continue reading