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Pumpkin ale recipe (all-grain)

It’s been a few years since I published my original extract-based pumpkin ale recipe, and since I’ve recently started all-grain brewing, I decided to develop and publish an all-grain version of that recipe. (And as a proper test of it, I brewed this beer the weekend before last and it’s sitting in the secondary as I write this.) This recipe is formulated for a five-gallon batch of homebrew, assuming a standard 75% extract efficiency for … Continue reading →

Recipe: Harvest Apple Ale

Actually I’m leaning towards calling this beer “Hood River Harvest” because all of the apples came from Hood River; we went apple picking in September and came back with a ton of both apples and pears. Looking for more uses for the apples (we canned a lot of applesauce) I found a recipe in The Homebrewer’s Recipe Guide called “Apple Brown Betty Fall Ale” and decided to brew up a variation. As usual, this recipe … Continue reading →

Recipe: Ginger Wheat Ale

This is the recipe for the latest beer I’ve brewed, a light summertime-style wheat ale with candied ginger. It was a bit spontaneous as my goal was originally to brew Randy Mosher’s “Summer Ale, What-If Version” from Radical Brewing (though the recipe first appeared online here), but the Brew Shop was out of the dried wheat extract I needed. So I switched gears and the result is my Ginger Wheat Ale. It actually turned out … Continue reading →

Recipe: Cream Ale

Here’s a recipe for an “Old School Cream Ale”, with a little something extra: toasted oats and a dash of salt. Both were ideas I got from Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing, which is a superb homebrewing book and one that you must have on your bookshelf if you brew beer. I’m not kidding. You must have that book. Anyway, I wanted to keep this very light, which can be tricky for an extract-based recipe as … Continue reading →

Recipe: San Diego Pale Ale (by way of Bend)

Time for another recipe. This one doesn’t actually have a name yet, but I brewed in the style of an Imperial IPA—also informally known as a San Diego Pale Ale—for my brother, who lives in San Diego and whom we’re visiting later this month. (And taking most of it with us.) So, here’s my take on a San Diego Pale Ale style. Extract-based recipe with a few grains, brewed to a five gallon batch. Ingredients: … Continue reading →