HomebrewingTips for submitting beer to homebrew competitions

I spent this past weekend judging beers at the Central Oregon Homebrewers‘ annual Spring Fling competition, where we had a record 363 beers entered. Spring Fling is a BJCP-sanctioned homebrew competition, and follows the 2015 style guidelines. Over the weekend I judged the Wood Beer, IPA, and Pale American Ale … Continue reading

HomebrewingStyle Profile: American Amber Ale

Who remembers American Amber Ales? Not the hopped-up dry Red Ales that have been prevalent the last few years, but the original caramel and malty staple of microbreweries of the ’80s and ’90s? I feel like the Amber Ale is something of an endangered species these days, partially because of the current hops … Continue reading

HomebrewingRecipe: Christmas Cheer (Old Ale with fruit)

Do you know the secret to a good fruitcake? It’s using real, non-processed dried fruits instead of the neon-colored, cloyingly candied fruits chunks you find in most commercial varieties. It’s also a matter of having the proper batter-to-fruit ratio. And, wrapping the cake(s) in brandy-soaked cheesecloth to age for at … Continue reading

HomebrewingBeware botulism in your prison hooch

I get a fair number of emails these days related to beer and alcohol, many of which are press releases of various types, but occasionally one arrives that’s offbeat and interesting. Case in point: a pointer to this article on Botulism from Drinking Pruno from the US National Library of Medicine. I … Continue reading

The Session #71: Brewers and Drinkers

Today being the first Friday of the month (and of 2013) means it’s time again for The Session! This month’s topic is brought to us by John at The Home Brew Manual, and he’s come up with Brewers and Drinkers: Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and … Continue reading

The next Session: Brewing & Drinking

I’m late pointing this out, but the January Session was announced a few weeks ago, and it’s being hosted by The Home Brew Manual with the topic “Brewers and Drinkers,” exploring the relationship between drinking and brewing your own beer: Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and … Continue reading

Today is Learn to Homebrew Day

Today is “Learn to Homebrew Day,” a day of education and beer established by the American Homebrewers Association back in 1999 dedicated to helping people learn to brew their own beer. All around the country (and even in a few other countries!) there are Learn to Homebrew events being held … Continue reading

Big hops homebrew

I’ve been doing a good amount of homebrewing lately—three batches within a week of each other—and while some of that brewing is earmarked for specific purposes (helping some people out), I brewed up a big batch of beer for myself this past weekend: an insanely-hopped Imperial Red Ale. The idea … Continue reading