Budweiser American Ale promotional package

I am awash in promotional beers and materials. Today I received the Budweiser American Ale package from Anheuser-Busch—it’s their first ale brewed, ever, under the Budweiser label. I’ll be running the official press release too, but first I wanted to post the pictures of the package. You see, it wasn’t … Continue reading

Widmer PR package

On Friday I received an unexpected package containing beer: Widmer Hefeweizen, to be exact. You can see in the picture below, that the package contained two bottles of Hefe, a custom Widmer Hefe glass, and two lemons. Plus their Press Kit booklet—more on that in a moment. Now, I’m not … Continue reading

Deschutes Brewery’s mobile beer barrel

Deschutes Brewery has rolled out a new "mobile marketing tool" but I’m honestly not sure what the official name is; our local newspaper article is variously calling it the "Big Barrel," "mobile beer barrel" and the headline-labeled "mobile marketing tool" that I lifted. On the Deschutes site itself they point … Continue reading

The Widmer Hefeweizen press kit

Yesterday I received a large package from the PR firm Edelman, the occasion being Widmer‘s rollout of their new packaging for their flagship Hefeweizen. I have to say, though, that I was just as impressed with the press kit package as anything; so I’m commenting on both. The Press Kit … Continue reading

My first press kit

A while back I was contacted by a marketing group interested in sending out test bottles of a new beer to bloggers—basically a clueful buzz-generating effort that’s been paying off in other venues. I signed up for it, with the understanding that I’d be free to blog anything I wanted … Continue reading