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Worthy Brewing groundbreaking

This Friday, February 24th, is the official groundbreaking ceremony for Worthy Brewing, one of Bend’s newest breweries-in-development fronted by ex-Laurelwood Brewmaster Chad Kennedy (Facebook announcement). The ceremony takes place at 3pm and (I believe) both Kennedy and partner Roger Worthington (of Indie Hops) will be on-hand.

Before then, though, I thought I’d grab a couple of pictures of the land that Worthy will be occupying, before any buildout starts:

Worthy Brewing land, at the northeast corner looking southwest
Worthy Brewing land, at the west edge looking east

Not much to look at now but it’s a nice big chunk of land that’s easily accessible and will develop out nicely. The land fronts Highway 20, the main east-west route in and out of Bend, and in the immediate area there is a movie theater (kitty-corner to the southwest, Pilot Butte Cinemas), a lot of residential housing, a large restaurant and smaller dining and fast food options immediately adjacent (The Phoenix, along with a Subway, Taco Bell, China Doll, Starbucks, a frozen yogurt shop), several hotels within a few blocks, and a larger shopping center across the street to the west that includes Barnes & Noble, Safeway, Whole Foods, Costco, Old Navy, and more. In short, it’s a good location for a (much-needed) eastside brewery.

And it should be an impressive facility; here are their plans, and a design mockup:

And in the latest email newsletter the following features are listed:

It’s very ambitious and will be interesting to watch the progress, which will culminate in a finished brewery by (tentatively) January 2013.

If you wanted to attend the ceremony, follow the RSVP directions on Facebook. (I’ll be there.)