Worthy Brewing groundbreaking

This Friday, February 24th, is the official groundbreaking ceremony for Worthy Brewing, one of Bend’s newest breweries-in-development fronted by ex-Laurelwood Brewmaster Chad Kennedy (Facebook announcement). The ceremony takes place at 3pm and (I believe) both Kennedy and partner Roger Worthington (of Indie Hops) will be on-hand.

Before then, though, I thought I’d grab a couple of pictures of the land that Worthy will be occupying, before any buildout starts:

Worthy Brewing location, northeast corner
Worthy Brewing land, at the northeast corner looking southwest
Worthy Brewing land, west looking east
Worthy Brewing land, at the west edge looking east

Not much to look at now but it’s a nice big chunk of land that’s easily accessible and will develop out nicely. The land fronts Highway 20, the main east-west route in and out of Bend, and in the immediate area there is a movie theater (kitty-corner to the southwest, Pilot Butte Cinemas), a lot of residential housing, a large restaurant and smaller dining and fast food options immediately adjacent (The Phoenix, along with a Subway, Taco Bell, China Doll, Starbucks, a frozen yogurt shop), several hotels within a few blocks, and a larger shopping center across the street to the west that includes Barnes & Noble, Safeway, Whole Foods, Costco, Old Navy, and more. In short, it’s a good location for a (much-needed) eastside brewery.

And it should be an impressive facility; here are their plans, and a design mockup:

Worthy Brewing plans

Worthy Brewing design mockup

And in the latest email newsletter the following features are listed:

  • A 22,000 square foot production brewery
  • Pilot brewhouse for nailing recipes and concocting experimental beer styles
  • 4,000 sq. ft restaurant anchored by a wood fired oven
  • Bar top sourced from reclaimed old growth Doug Fir sourced from the Oregon State Hospital, featured in Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
  • A 1/3 acre low trellis hop garden showcasing Oregon-grown experimental hops and a herb garden
  • Top of the line European-made rotary head canning line
  • Greenhouse named after Dr. Al Haunold, America’s greatest HopMeister
  • Solar Panels and a Thermal Water Heating System
  • Bavarian beer garden with picnic tables, two firepits and shade trees festooned with lights…and more hop vines
  • Bike racks, bottle filled Gabion boxes and of course a full sized VELODROME!
  • Just kidding on the Velodrome, but hey, we’re dreaming, right?

It’s very ambitious and will be interesting to watch the progress, which will culminate in a finished brewery by (tentatively) January 2013.

If you wanted to attend the ceremony, follow the RSVP directions on Facebook. (I’ll be there.)

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  1. Wow this project is super ambitious. It looks like an incredible concept, something many brewers could only dream of building. You would expect this kind of development from someone who is already established but for a new brewery it’s pretty crazy. I wish them luck. We’ll have to stop by sometime next year to see the project come to fruition.

    -Mike Burns

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