The Traveling Growler

The Traveling GrowlerWe have friends who had decided this summer to embark on a year-long RV trip around the U.S. (sound familiar?) and one of the things they set out to do along the way was bring a growler from Oregon (in this case a Hydroflask growler) and visit various breweries to fill it up—and write about it all, of course.

Thus the feature on their blog dubbed The Traveling Growler.

The first brewery stop was at the Anacortes Brewery in Washington, ran into silly alcohol laws in South Dakota and Minnesota that prevented any growler fills for “foreign” growlers, and most recently they’ve landed at the Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery in Wisconsin.

It’s a fun adventure and definitely worth checking out. I’m sure it’s something many of us wish we could be doing!

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  1. Thanks for the love, Jon! I am working on a review of New Glarus Brewing, a large but obscure brewery largely unknown outside of Wisconsin.

    And today we may deviate from our pattern of visiting microbreweries, to visiting a macrobrewery: the Miller Brewing factory tour! Will they fill my growler? Do I even want them to?

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