The Session #30 announced

The announcement for next month’s Session (#30!) is up over at Beer 47: Beer Desserts.

Beer may not be a common ingredient in desserts but when it is used properly, the results can be very delicious. A couple of desserts that I’ve tried making in the past have been beer brittle (pictured above) and stout chocolate cake. Another common beer dessert is a beer float.

For the August 2009 edition of the The Session, Beer 47 will hosting a discussion about Beer Desserts. What beer desserts have you tried and liked? Disliked? What beer styles work well with dessert and which ones do not? Do you have any beer dessert recipes that you enjoyed and would like to share?

Beer as an ingredient, but I would think beer as a dessert accompaniment—think Lindemans Framboise with chocolate truffles—would work just as well.