The next Session: Label art

Actually it’s more than just label art: Curtis over at HopHeadSaid is hosting the September Session, and he’s asking us to write about Label, Coaster, and Cap Art.

Now it is time to dig through your stash and share your favorite label, coaster or cap art.

Posting Directions:

  1. Choose your favorite label, coaster or cap art.
  2. Scan, download or take a picture of your label, coaster or cap art.
  3. Write a paragraph that explains your affinity to your entry. Your explanation can be as shallow as or as deep as you want.
  4. If the brewery name or beer name is obscured be sure to label your entry to give credit where credit is due.

There are a few more guidelines, too, go read those and then publish your Session post on Friday, September 2nd.

And, Curtis is providing an alternate posting method I haven’t seen anyone use yet: “Post your picture and explanation on my HopHeadSaid Facebook page and I will copy your post to the “official” location.”