So what is The Stoic?

A couple of weeks ago I received the media tip sheet for Deschutes Brewery, detailing upcoming events and beers, and while most of the items on the list were known quantities (Twilight, Hop in the Dark, Zwickelmania), there’s an intriguing new beer listed under mysterious circumstances: The Stoic, to be released in April.

Reserve Series (22-ounce wax-dipped bottles and draft)

The newest beer to join our coveted Reserve Series, this brew is so new that we can’t even really tell you about it yet. Actually, it’s top secret until a sneak preview during Deschutes Brewery Base Camp Week in San Francisco during the Craft Brewers Conference. Want to find out more about this philosophical beer? We’ll see you in San Francisco!

(The “Base Camp” is taking place March 20 through 26.)

Naturally I got to wondering just what The Stoic is, and my first thought was the Deschutes/Hair of the Dog collaboration beer that was brewed last year. And then broke this news:

In addition to the tip sheet info attached below, I asked Digital Marketing Manager, Jason Randles, for some extra info on Stoic and the Hair of the Dog collaboration. Here’s his response: “The Stoic is our next Reserve Series beer that we hope to release to the public in April. If we hear back from the TTB in time we will have some draft available at a kick-off party during CBC in San Fran. The Stoic is a Belgian-Style Quad brewed with Pomegranate Molasses and aged in Rye Whiskey & Oregon wine barrels. The beers we brewed for the Hair of the Dog Collaboration are still aging in a variety of oak barrels so we do not have a release date, name or description for that beer yet.”

(Emphasis added.) That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? It makes sense as I know there have a been a number of iterations of their “Quad” (like this one, and another earning a GABF medal) so something big and bold like that would fit well into a Reserve Series offering.

Hopefully label art will be available soon as well.