The next Session: Pale ales

The next Session is taking place on Friday, June 1, and it’s being hosted by Carla Companion, The Beer Babe, that month. She’s bringing us back to styles and has selected what may be the most underrated style to write about these days:

What is the one beer style usually makes up the first position in the sample flight, but yet is usually the one that we never get really excited about? The Pale Ale.

While this style serves as the foundation to its big-hoppy-brother the India Pale Ale, lately “Pale Ale” has become a throwaway term. I hear bartenders and servers using it to describe everything from Pilsners to unfiltered wheat beers (I wish I was kidding).

Your mission – if you choose to accept it – it so seek out and taste two different pale ales. Tell us what makes them special, what makes them forgettable, what makes them the same or what makes them different. Then, share it with us. (By writing a comment below on June 1st with a link to your post).

It’s going to be interesting to see the results of reviewing this overlooked style from everyone.