The next Session: Growlers!

The next Session has been announced, and it’s being hosted by Kendall Jones of the Washington Beer Blog: Growlers Galore:

These days people take growlers for granted. In my neck of the woods, growlers are a relatively new phenomenon. I don’t recall exactly when they appeared on the local beer scene but it could not have been more than eight or ten years ago. Maybe they existed in obscurity before. My memory fails me. Today growlers are everywhere. I think. Growlers are very common around the Pacific Northwest, anyway. I cannot speak to their popularity elsewhere. I’d love to know.

Tell us about your growler collection. Tell us why you love growlers or why you hate them. What is the most ridiculous growler you’ve ever seen? Tell us about your local growler filling station. Ever suffer a messy growler mishap? Anything related to growlers is acceptable.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a topic I would have thought up. But I’m digging it.

The Session takes place on Friday, February 3rd; leave a comment at the Washington Beer Blog to participate.


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