The next Session: Beery Confessions

It’s a last-minute announcement due to some unexpected changes, but this month’s Session (which is this Friday) is being hosted by Steve Lamond over at Beers I’ve Known: “Beery Confessions: Guilty Secrets/Guilty Pleasure Beer.”

The Session this month was due to be hosted by Pete Brown, but due to some bastard stealing his laptop and thus losing a load of the work for his new book he’s had to postpone for now and I’ve volunteered to move forward my hosting for a month.

So I shall be hosting session #57. Those who are eagle eyed will have already espied that the topic is “Beery Confessions: Guilty Secrets/Guilty Pleasure Beer” and are perhaps intrigued to find out what it will entail, well wait no longer!

One of the things I most enjoy about blogs and personal writing in general is the ability to have a window into another’s life, in a semi-voyeuristic way. So I’d like to know your beery guilty secrets. Did you have a particularly embarassing first beer (in the same way that some people purchase an atrocious song as their first record) or perhaps there’s still a beer you return to even though you know you shouldn’t? Or maybe you don’t subscribe to the baloney about feeling guilty about beers and drink anything anyway?

Since it’s a late announcement Steve will be accepting submissions from this Friday (the 4th) through next (the 11th).

So what’s your guilty beer confession? Let us know this Friday!