Rogue Ales’ 2017 Beer Lineup

Rogue Ales 2017 beer lineup

I’m on a kick posting the various 2017 beer lineup charts and schedules, and here’s today’s 2017 schedule for Newport, Oregon’s Rogue Ales. Unlike Deschutes and Widmer, they didn’t issue a press release but have it posted online, and said:

With the new year comes new Rogues. Your old favorites return, some in fresh packaging, while others join the Rogue ranks for the first time. Find out when you can see all the Rogues on shelves and taps this year.

Notable items:

  • For year-round beers, Dead Guy Ale is now canned, and those cans look pretty sharp. I happen to quite like Dead Guy so I will be picking up some cans at some point.
  • There is a TBD Voodoo Doughnut inspired ale coming out towards the end of the year. I will pass on that one myself (not a fan of those beers).
  • In addition to Hazelutley Choctabulous (the Hazelnut Brown/Chocolate Stout blend), two other new┬álimited-release beers include Paradise Pucker and Hot Tub Scholarship Lager. I suspect we’ll have to wait to find out more details about those beers.