Reminder: The next Session is “Snowed In” on Feb. 5

Just a quick reminder: in less than two weeks, on Friday, February 5, I’m hosting the next round of The Session.

The theme is “Snowed In,” and I want it to be open-ended. It’s the first week of February—we are solidly in the grip of the winter, which means hunkering down from the cold and, depending on where you live, waiting for warmer days to thaw out the ice and snow. But perhaps it’s one of those winters, where the snow starts falling… and falling… and falling some more, and the next thing you know, schools are closed, there’s four or more feet of snow on the ground—and you are effectively snowed in and not going anywhere.

So what’s next? That is what I want you to write about—as it pertains to beer, of course!

Don’t forget to write up your contribution on that first Friday, and leave a comment here at the blog pointing to it. Or, if you’d rather do The Session on other social media—a picture and story on Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever—that works too! Be sure to tag The Brew Site at various sites or use the hashtag #thesession.

See you the 5th!


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