Received: “Mastering Homebrew” review copy

Towards the end of last week I received a review copy of Randy Mosher’s latest book, Mastering Homebrew:

Mastering Homebrew

These days there are a lot of homebrewing books on the market so I’m a bit leery of new ones that appear simply because you reach a point where what can be said, probably has been (though approaching the topic from unusual or niche angles can be interesting). That having been said, Mosher’s Radical Brewing is one of my go-to homebrew books, and quick thumb-through of this one reveals quite an in-depth covering of the topic—advanced books on homebrewing are much more interesting to me these days and this looks like it definitely hits that mark.

I will be reading through and posting my own review and thoughts soon.

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  1. 30 year homebrewer here and I learned a lot from it. I highly recommend it to new or old homebrewers like me.

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