Received: Coors Colorado Native IPL

I recently got onto the Coors mailing list (technically MillerCoors), and today received a package from the AC Golden Brewing Company which is a subsidiary venture in the vein of Blue Moon. That package contained AC Golden’s Colorado Native India Pale Lager.

Colorado Native IPL

Now, I’m not going to get into that whole goofy “craft vs. crafty” debate, simply because it’s a marketing ploy. As far as I’m concerned, the main question should be: Is the beer good?

In this case I’m intrigued and looking forward to sampling these bottles. They brewed this IPL to 6.5% abv and 62 IBUs which makes me think the hops should be fairly prominent, and by focusing on finishing and dry-hopping with Centennial, Cascade, Nugget, and Crystal, there should be some good American hop character present.

I will report on what I find.