Received: Black Butte XXI

The other day this arrived at my door from Deschutes Brewery:

Deschutes Black Butte XXI

Their Black Butte XXI, this year’s anniversary Reserve Series batch of “double” Black Butte Porter. This year’s version is brewed with chocolate beans and coffee, with 20% aged in bourbon barrels. It’s 11% alcohol by volume. And it’s very limited—$10 per bottle retail.

I expect it to be delicious, and will have a review of it soon.

One comment

  1. I look forward to your review. I finished my sixth bottle last night, six in just over two weeks. I will probably try and buy a case and cellar it; though I doubt I can keep my hands off long enough to allow it to mellow. It is that wonderful. If you enjoyed the Full Sail Black Gold, you will no doubt love this one!

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