Received: 4 beers from Widmer

Today I received a massive, 16-pound box from Widmer Brothers Brewing out of Portland. Like the last package I received from them, this one is made of reclaimed wood, and filled with packing material made from recycled, shredded coasters. The reason it was so big? There were four beers plus a Widmer snifter inside:

Widmer package (16 pounds!)

Widmer package with 4 beers

4 beers from Widmer

The four beers are:

  • Brothers’ Reserve Lemongrass Wheat Ale, a 9% wheat wine brewed with lemongrass and Muscat grapes
  • O’Ryely IPA, the last Rotator IPA series beer brewed with rye
  • Barrel Aged Brrrbon ’11, a 2011 release of last year’s Brothers’ Reserve Barrel Aged Brrrbon under their new Alchemy Project
  • 2010 Barrel Aged Brrrbon, the Brothers’ Release vintage of the beer, intended for a 2-year vertical tasting with the ’11 Brrrbon

It’s an impressive lineup, but I’m most excited about the Lemongrass Wheat, I think that will be tasty (along the lines of the super-impressive Cherry Oak Doppelbock).