Press Release: Karl Strauss Pintail Pale Ale Makes Seasonal Debut

Karl Strauss Brewing Company is releasing the next installment of their seasonal program, Pintail Pale Ale. The company has brewed Pintail Pale Ale for over nine years, however, this is the first time it will be available in bottles. “We brew this beer every year and each time it comes out we get bombarded with requests to bottle it. We kept telling people it would happen someday. I’m happy to say that now’s the time,” says Paul Segura, Brewmaster.

Pintail is a classic American Pale Ale, loaded with pine and citrus flavors from a blend of Newport and Cascade hops. After fermentation, Pintail is dry-hopped with a pound of Amarillo hops per barrel, for a distinct grapefruit aroma and flavor. The vibrant hoppiness of the beer is balanced by a blend of Carapils and caramel malts, creating a firm backbone to support the lingering, dry finish. As a long-time favorite on draft at the company’s brewery restaurants as well as prominent beer bars across Southern California, it has acquired a cult following. “Our servers have been behind this beer from the beginning,” says Paul. “We’ve got a lot of hop heads who love this beer for its intense grapefruit flavors.”

Pintail comes in at 5.3% ABV, making it extremely drinkable and perfect for the spring and summer months. It goes well with a wide range of foods, including burgers, seafood, and spicy ethnic dishes. The bright hop flavors cut through rich foods, while cooling the heat of fiery foods. “Pale Ales are packed with flavor, but still very sessionable; it’s no wonder they continue to be one of the most popular craft beer styles,” says Paul.

Pintail Pale Ale will be available in six-packs in March across Southern California. Look for it on tap at all six Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurants as well as beer bars throughout the region. For more information and a video about the making of Pintail Pale Ale, visit Share it. Cheers.

5.3 % ABV
47 IBU
15 SRM

Label Copy:
“Along the coast, the beach cruiser is the preferred mode of transportation. And when the waves get overhead, the Pintail is the board of choice. Put them together, and you have a recipe for maximum enjoyment. We wanted to capture the experience and put it in a bottle. So here it is. A mighty fine pale ale that will send you on your way.”