The Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival is back for its 3rd year

Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29 the third annual Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival returns to Saraveza, featuring “more than 70 different beers, artisan cheese, charcuterie and pickles” along with an exclusive festival beer and bottle release from Upright Brewing and more. There will be at least 30 beers on tap at any given time between Saraveza’s taps and their Bad Habit Room around the corner, and there are some insanely great debuts taking place including debuts from The Ale Apothecary, Holy Mountain Brewing, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer, Ecliptic Brewing, and more.

Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival

Cost of entry is $25 which gets you 10 beer tickets and the commemorative tasting glass, which you can get at the door or buy in advance online here. The hours are 11am to 9pm on Saturday, and 11am to 7pm on Sunday.

There is also a special Farmhouse Fest (FHF) brunch available both mornings:

To kick-off each day of the festival, Bad Habit Room is hosting a Brewer’s Brunch on Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, March 29th.

For $25 you receive a full belly (your choice – order off the menu), a sneak peak of some of the Farmhouse Festival beers from Holy Mountain Brewing on Saturday and Propolis Brewing on Sunday, tip for your server and early entry into the fest. (FHF entries sold separately.)

A brewery or two will be highlighted at each breakfast with a brewer there to discuss their beer and chat with customers.

Breakfast starts at 9:30am. This breakfast is Advanced ticket-only and has limited seating.

This is one of those events that started out small and has been gaining steam these past couple of years, I remember the first year seemed like such a niche theme that it’s fun to see it taking off as it is now. I’m sure being based in Portland contributes in no small part to that success (not even considering the “Portland” in the name of the fest). Hoping I can make it up there for one of these events some year!