Updating the Press Releases this evening, an a couple of items caught my interest.

First, the long-awaited (by me, at least) #3 in the “LTD” series from Full Sail: a Pilsner. I was beginning to wonder since they released 01 and 02 several times. It’ll be available this summer from June to September.

(The “LTD” series is Full Sail’s “small batch lager” beer series; each batch number is theoretically only going to be brewed once.)

Next, Redhook is releasing a Belgian-style Tripel. This is a bold move for Redhook, who have otherwise settled in to safe (though competent) beers with no real surprises; with this Tripel, they’re releasing a 10.2% alcohol ale brewed with lots of Belgian candi sugar and a “secret monastery yeast strain.” I’m likely receiving a sample bottle, so I’m very interested to try it and report on the results.