Oregon Beer News, 07/18/2017

Oregon BeerHere is the news (and events) in Oregon beer for this Tuesday, July 18. As usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day, so check back often for the latest news. If you have news to share, please contact me and I can get that updated as well.

Belmont Station‘s Puckerfest starts today with a kick-off party from 5 to 8pm, featuring Cascade Brewing, Double Mountain Brewery, Breakside Brewery, The Ale Apothecary, and more: “Brew teams from Cascade and Breakside will be on hanging out to chat about their beers. As per tradition, the Double Mountain crew will be here with fresh Bing (devils) and Rainier (Rainier) cherries for everyone to enjoy with thier beers. All brewery representatives will be here 5-8PM” It’s an incredible beer lineup they have listed, including Dog & Pony Show which is the Belmont Station 20th anniversary exclusive beer from Breakside Brewery. The place to be tonight!

Portland’s Bazi Bierbrasserie is celebrating St. Arnoldus Day today with an event starting at 5pm: “Every July 18, the Belgians honor Saint Arnoldus with a feast in Brussels. He’s most famous for urging his congregation to “Drink Beer, Not Water” during a plague epidemic. Because beer is sterilized in production and the local water was the source of the sickness, people were saved. A true miracle! A special taster tray featuring La Trappe Tripel, Bosteels Kwak, De Proef & New Glarus collaboration Absolution, and La Trappe Quad will be available for $12 (4 – 5 oz pours). Attendees will receive raffle tickets for prizes including St Arnoldus t-shirts, tank tops, key chains and more (while supplies last).”

McMenamins Fulton Pub (Portland) has their Take a Sip in Southwest beer tasting today from 6 to 8pm, featuring Orange Creamsicle Ale: “Summer is here and you no longer have to worry about chasing down the ever elusive ice cream truck. Let one of our friendly Fulton servers deliver you a pint based on this beloved ice cream treat! Sweet orange and creamy vanilla carry the flavor profile of this limited offering. Yum!”

Cascade Brewing (Portland) today is releasing Framblanc 2016 at the Barrel House and the Raccoon Lodge. From the press release: “Framblanc 2016 is a blend of sour blond ales aged for up to 14 months in oak wine barrels with more than 3,500 pounds of white raspberries. It features fresh flavors of raspberries, green grapes, white peaches and pears and is 7.6 percent ABV. This is only the second time Cascade has packaged this project; its Framblanc 2015 project was awarded the Gold Medal at the 2017 Oregon Beer Awards. Framblanc is a tier two offering; Cascade’s new bottles have distinct label styles for each of the three Cascade Brewing pricing tiers, with each label within the tier utilizing distinctive colors to clearly differentiate each beer. The tiers differ by the style of beer used in the product, the type ingredients contained within, the time aged in the barrels and types of barrels used.” Unfortunately I don’t know at what price point “tier two” falls under, but the distribution is limited.

And, Cascade’s Tap It Tuesday at the Barrel House at 6pm is featuring Shrieking Violet 2016: “This week’s live barrel is Shrieking Violet 2016, a blend of sour blond and quad ales aged in wine and bourbon barrels for up to 18 months with an addition of fresh Oregon blueberries from the 2016 harvest. Intense flavors of blueberry, bourbon, lavender and violets are met with a touch of malt sweetness, bright acidity and a light tannic structure.”

Deschutes Brewery (Bend): Tuesdays are Community Pints days at the Deschutes pubs, where $1 of every pint sold goes to benefit a local non-profit organization. This month, the Bend Pub is benefiting the Bend Fire Department Community Assistance Program, and the Portland Pub is benefiting Friends of Children (PDX). Make sure to swing by one of the pubs and help out with a pint or three today.

Bailey’s Taproom (Portland) is hosting An Evening w/ Trois Dames starting at 4pm today: “Join us at The Upper Lip for a very special evening featuring one of Shelton’s favorite imported European breweries. Founded in 2002 in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, Trois Dames has been experimenting with wild yeast, experimental ales, and various barrel-aged projects to much international acclaim. We’re excited to host them and learn more about their story!”