The next Session: Thanks to the big boys

The next Session (#56) has been announced and it’s being hosted by Reuben at The Tale of the Ale, and the topic is “Thanks to the big boys“:

Most of us that write about beer do so with the small independent brewery in mind. Often it is along the lines of Micro brew = Good and Macro brew, anything brewed by the large multinationals is evil and should be destroyed. Well I don’t agree with that, though there may be some that are a little evil….

Anyway I want people to pick a large brewery or corporation that owns a lot of breweries. There are many to chose from. Give thanks to them for something they have done. Maybe they produce a beer you do actually like. Maybe they do great things for the cause of beer in general even if their beer is bland and tasteless but enjoyed by millions every day.

The Session is on Friday, October 7th, and it should be interesting to see how this topic plays out among the beer bloggers…