The next Session: So many breweries!

The next installment of The Session has been announced for September, and it’s being hosted by Derrick Peterman over at Ramblings of a Beer Runner: How Many Breweries in 2017?

Where is it all going? The growth shows no sign of stopping and the biggest problem most breweries have is that they can’t brew beer fast enough. But can the market really absorb all these new breweries? Are we headed for a cataclysmic brewing bubble where legions of brewers, their big dreams busted, are left to contemplate selling insurance? Or is brewing reaching a critical mass, only to explode even more intensely in a thermo-nuclear frenzy of fermentation?

Now you have a chance to weigh in on these questions. For this month’s Session, tell us how many breweries the Brewer’s Association will count five years from now in 2017, and why you think it will be that number.

Weigh in with your prediction on Friday, September 7, and leave a comment on the original post to be included.