McMenamins’ Terminator Stout is 25 years old this week

I just discovered that one of McMenamins‘ flagship beers, their Terminator Stout, is turning 25 years old this week on November 19th. Apparently it was the 12th beer brewed by McMenamins—not just the 12th beer at a particular McMenamins location, but their 12th ever. So this Friday they’ve got a number of Terminator-related things planned:

In addition to the special anniversary pricing on pints (two bucks), bottles (four bucks) and online Terminator attire and photo merchandise (20% off; promo code: TERMINATOR), keep a lookout for some special versions of the portly company standard including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Hogshead Whiskey barrel-aged Terminator that Crystal brewers Graham and Jeff cooked up will be available at Ringlers Pub downtown.
  • Charlton at the High Street Brewery in Eugene will be serving Terminator Stout cask-style via beer engine as well as on nitro draft.
  • The good folks at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse invite you to join them for some cask-conditioned Terminator served at Imbrie Bar.
  • Hillsdale will have a special cake baked at the Edgefield Bakery made from (you guessed it) Terminator Stout that is simply sublime when combined with (you guessed it again) a pint of Terminator Stout. A piece of the cake is free if you ask for it, which makes it even more delicious.