Help Lew Bryson get on TV

I missed the boat on this the first time around, but Lew Bryson is the public face of a new Kickstarter project: “American Beer Blogger“, a proposed television show.

AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER is a half hour television series dedicated to all facets of the ever growing craft beer market. From home brewing, to micro beer; viewers will experience the very best of the craft beer culture. In each episode, Lew will visit a different brewer, each of which has their own sets of quirks and ways of doing things. Lew will talk to these brewers, get to know them, will show us first hand the various methods and techniques used in creating a craft beer. From the tiniest bottler to the largest manufacturer, Lew will get his hands dirty. Topics such as bottling, food pairing, manufacturing, distribution, history, technique (and so much more) will all be touched upon as Lew spends a day with these brewers. Some doing well in the business, others not so well. Thankfully, the DIY nature of this business can lead to some pretty different results, as Lew lends a hand and helps out in any way he can. Lew will show us all the kinds of micro-breweries currently out there. From the smallest, hippest label to large manufacturers.

The first time around, the goal was to raise $60,000 for a six-episode commitment, but they were unable to reach that goal. This time, it’s only $6000 for a pilot episode (and hopefully if that were to go well, then there would presumably be a chance for more).

And the goal will be met this time, I’m quite sure: as of this writing, with 10 days left to go, there has already been $5402 raised—which means there’s only $598 to go for the project to reach its goal. I’m pretty sure at this point the pilot will get off the ground.

Still, if you’d like to see “American Beer Blogger”, see if you can find some time to pledge to the project.