Latest print article: Goses, with Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Salty Bog Cranberry GoseMy latest print article for the Bulletin is out—Bend brewers go for the gose, featuring Silver Moon Brewing’s new Salty Bog Cranberry Gose.

Silver Moon’s head brewer Jeff Schauland is a fan of the style.

“I actually really do like goses if they are made the ‘proper’ way,” he said via email. “We first made Spa Day last June. It was a cucumber and lemon gose that was kind of inspired by the cucumber and lemon water you find at day spas.” On the inspiration for the current release, he said, “One of our brewers worked in a cranberry bog in a former life. He came up with the name Salty Bog because of the salt used in goses and cranberries were just the obvious fruit to use at that point.”

I did write in the article that Salty Bog is the region’s first packaged gose, and now I realize I’m wrong about that—Deschutes Brewery has their Pub Reserve Smoked Gose which is available by the bottle (at their pubs only). But that still leaves Salty Bog as the first retail packaged gose I believe.