Killer Beer Week

Killer Beer WeekIt’s hard to believe that the excellent Brewpublic blog is only four years old, which is surely a testament to how essential it’s become for the Oregon (and overall) beer blog scene. Its proprietor and editor, Angelo De Ieso II, is a tireless crusader for craft beer and is overall one of the nicest people I’ve met on this whole beer blogging journey thing, and as a celebration of the fourth anniversary of Brewpublic, Angelo has lined up Killer Beer Week for next month: “8 Days of Spectacular Cascadian Beer. October 21-28, 2012.”

The Brewpublic events page has all the details, but suffice to say Angelo has lined up great beer events for each day of Killer Beer Week:

  • Sunday October 21: Killer Beer Summit / Mike Fest @ Roscoe’s Pub – 4pm
  • Monday October 22: Killer Pumpkin Fest @ The Green Dragon – 4pm
  • Tuesday October 23: Washington Killer Beer Night @ Salmon Creek Brewpub – 4pm
  • Wednesday October 24: Sean / Shawn / Shaun Fest @ The BeerMongers – 6pm
  • Thursday October 25: Bend Killer Brewers Night @ The BeerMongers – 6pm
  • Friday October 26: BREWPUBLIC’s 4th Brewniversary Party! @ Saraveza – 6pm
  • Saturday October 27: KILLER BEER FEST! @ Bailey’s Taproom – 2pm
  • Sunday October 28: Yetta’s Recovery Beerunch @ The Hop & Vine – 11am

The biggest event of the week is of course the Killer Beer Fest at Bailey’s Taproom:

The mother of all BREWPUBLIC events is undoubtedly KillerBeerFest! Hosted by our homeskillets at Bailey’s Taproom (213 SW Broadway, Portland, OR), a world class craft beer bar, this event will showcase the ultimate of uber-geek offerings ranging many styles, from light and crisp quaffable brews to big and bold barrel-aged behemoths. This installment of KBF will be highlighted by a handful of collaboration beers between some of the best regional breweries and some one-of-a-kind releases. If you’ve ever been to any of our four previous KillerBeerFests, you know we will bring it strong!

But you clearly won’t go wrong any other day of the week either. I personally wish I could make it to Portland for the Killer Pumpkin Fest on the 22nd if nothing else (but such is the nature of not living in Portland!) but I guarantee you’ll find something to love with any or all of the planned events.