Hello from “Jon’s Wife”!

Hi! My name is Sherri aka “Jon’s wife”. Normally, I’m behind the scenes of his blog, buying beers I know he hasn’t had for review or sending him links for blogging news, accompanying him to festivals and conferences and making sure there’s a driver since most of what he does is alcohol related.

I met Jon quite a number of years ago in Bend, Oregon, when we were teenagers doing what else…hanging out and drinking coffee with mutual friends. When we lived in Spokane, he ultimately found his passion one day when his best friend invited him over to watch him homebrew. I’ve watched him start homebrewing in our tiny, carpeted kitchen in Spokane and homebrew on/off since that time (thanks children). I remember asking him what he was doing one morning in 2004 and he said he was writing for his new “blog” that had to do with beer. He’s now not just created a passion out of the physical creative process of homebrewing, he’s created an outlet to share that passion on this blog for almost 10 consecutive years.

For all the time I’ve known Jon, I have not liked beer. The closest I’ve come to it, is Lindemans Framboise. Until that is, the blog became more and more a monthly, daily incorporation into our lives. I’d be in a grocery store or specialty shop and ask him if he’s had that particular beer and buy it for review. Then a few years ago, I started to accompany him to festivals and instead of complaining how long it took, I started to take an active role and making sure he got to the beers he wanted to try. When I accompanied him to the Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland in 2011, things really changed. I wanted to come along because I have a different view and knew it would be fast paced (along with alcohol related) and didn’t want him to miss anything that could be important to growing his blog. When I was there, I did have small amounts of beer and when asked, I said I really wasn’t a beer person and the response I received was the same “maybe you just haven’t found YOUR beer yet”.

On the way home from the conference, Jon had an excitement about him and a beer week in Central Oregon was born, but didn’t come to fruition for several years. He came back with renewed excitement in his blog and have continued to grow as the Central Oregon beer scene has grown.

Since that time, I have as I said, supported him behind the scenes, but have also grown in my preferences. I have learned that MY beers are sour and fruity and with the growth and experimentation of the craft beer scene, I have learned that there ARE a few beer styles and beers that I do enjoy. I have joined the Central Oregon Beer Angels, a community for women who enjoy beer. I do enjoy the social aspect of the club and very much liked the Sour event held at 10 Barrel Brewing Company that showcased Tonya Cornett and her award winning Sour Beers.

I have still accompanied Jon to a number of Beer Festivals and very much enjoy The Oregon Garden Brewfest as my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the serenity, quaintness, or location, that is my favorite and look forward to accompanying him. The Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland in July takes a hiatus for our son’s birthday, but I have tagged along several times to be a designated driver. I hope to accompany Jon on a few festivals and conferences this year and maybe come out of the woodwork and come from a perspective of the cider/sour drinker since those styles are up and coming. Jon’s got the rest covered pretty well 😀


“Jon’s wife”

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