Great Arizona Beer Festival

I did not know that Arizona has had a “Great Beer Festival” that’s been going on for more than two decades—Arizona not generally being known as a big brewing state—but indeed they do: early next month the 22nd annual Great Arizona Beer Festival is getting underway in Tempe. (I also just posted the press release about it, which caught my eye.)

March 6th and 7th is the Festival, and $40 will get you in and get up to 23 three-ounce tasters. It’s all for a good cause, too: 100% of the proceeds will benefit Sun Sounds Foundation of Arizona, a reading service for people who are blind.

There are a ton of other events besides just beer tasting, too—look at the press release for the list. And you can take a look at their beer list; while there are some big names on that list it looks like there is a very good amount from Arizona brewers (and possibly other Southwest brewers—I’m not as well-versed in my U.S. Southwest brewer geography as I am for the Pacific Nothwest. For obvious reasons).


  1. I lived in Flagstaff for 10 years before I moved to Bend. They have 3 excellent breweries/brew pubs – Mogollon Brewing Co., Flagstaff Brewing Co. and Beaver Street Brewing. And that is just in one town! The microbrew bug has bitten everywhere, not just the Pacific NW.

    That said, this particular event is just ok. I went to it 2 or 3 times. It’s more about a bunch of college kids from ASU getting drunk. It is in Tempe, not too far from Scottsdale – that’s why the ticket price is so high.

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