Deschutes Jubel 2010 release party

This Friday, February 5th, marks the Jubel 2010 Release Party at Deschutes Brewery—2pm at the Portland Pub, and 6pm at the Bend Pub. The Bend event blurb reads:

Jubel 2010 beer on tap with special menu items. Bottles for sale (6 bottle limit). First 100 guests will receive a Jubel 2010 commemorative goblet.

Jubel 2010, or “Super Jubel” as it’s locally known when they release it in the pub only each year, is Deschutes’ latest Reserve Series beer, basically a doubled-up version of their seasonal Jubelale. This is only the second time the brewery has ever bottled Super Jubel, the first being in 2000. From the press release, here’s the (apocryphal?) story of how it came about:

Jubel was discovered by accident two decades ago when a clumsy burglar didn’t realize the weight of his stolen keg of Jubelale. He dropped it outside to freeze in the season’s sub-zero temperatures – only to be discovered the next morning by Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery owner. More than half the liquid in the keg had frozen and the remaining beer was a very cold, highly concentrated “Jubelale on steroids.” It was so good that the brewers set about recreating it, coming up with an annual “Super Jubel” that is aged in Oregon oak pinot barrels.

I can’t speak as to whether the story’s true or not—it’s a good story but seems a little convenient—but I’ve had Super Jubel on tap over the years, and it’s a good beer.

Check out one of the release parties, if you’re in either area; it’ll be packed but still a good time.