Catching up on Deschutes items

I am shamefully behind on blogging in large part because I am helping plan this, which I will have a post about soon; in the meantime here it is May already and I’ve got a couple of outstanding notes about Deschutes Brewery from April.

The first is the usual PR/received goods disclosure that I run whenever I receive beers or other marketing things from breweries:

Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

Yes indeed, the 2013 edition of Twilight Summer Ale, a tasty beer if there ever was one. I don’t know if I’ll write up a review this year—I feel like everything I have to say has already been done with Twilight—but you never know.

Also early last month I stopped in for the Brewery’s release night for the Class of ’88 Barley Wine they brewed with Rogue Ales and North Coast Brewing: they were offering free samples of two of the three beers (sadly the North Coast didn’t show up in time) along with small-plate appetizers (including a quail-egg-based Scotch egg!). I enjoyed both beers, and surprisingly found the Rogue a bit hoppier, while Deschutes had more of a malty and fruity character like a classic English barleywine.

All in all a nice evening.

Deschutes and Rogue Barley Wine samples

Deschutes Brewery Class of '88 Barley Wine swag