Brewpublic’s Killer Beer Week returns

Killer Beer Week 2016

Brewpublic‘s annual Killer Beer Week returns this week, with a week-long lineup of great beer events taking place around Portland from October 14 through 23. This is the eighth anniversary of KBW and all the old favorites are back. Here’s the press release and scheduled events:

If you’ve ever attended a Brewpublic Killer Beer Week you know that we love to get creative and put the interests of the true to heart craft beer lovers first. Our motto has always been and remains “Yeast, Malt, and the Pursuit of Hoppiness”! Great beer, great people, lots of fun, and this year we have lined up 11 Portland area events that bring our love of craft beer to the forefront.

As always, in conjunction with our anniversary, our pioneering spirit of Beervana flavor is delivering to you a big, bad-ass beer week with some traditional favorite events as well as some creative new happenings to appease the seemingly unquenchable palates of the world’s undeniably best beer region. Since 2008 we’ve made it a point to try to give back to the community which has always provided a delicious malted beverage to us with ever-evolving styles as well as unbridled creativity and charisma. So, without further adieu, here’s the venue line up for our 8th anniversary celebration a.k.a. Killer Beer Week 2016.

And here is the list of scheduled events:

  • Killer Beer Summit (KBW Kick-Off)
    Friday, October 14
    5:00pm – 2:00am
    Roscoe’s Pub – 8105 SE Stark St., Portland, OR
  • Killer Pumpkin Fest
    Saturday, October 15
    11:00am – Midnight
    Green Dragon – 928 SE 9th Ave., Portland, OR
  • Alchemeat – The Portland Beer and Charcuterie Festival
    Saturday, October 15
    Noon – 6:00pm
    Culmination Brewing – 2117 NE Oregon St., Portland, OR
  • Killer IPA Fest
    Sunday, October 16 – Monday, October 17
    2:00pm – Midnight
    N.W.I.P.A. – 6350 SE Foster Rd., Portland, OR
  • Killer Dave Fest + Cribbage Night
    Tuesday, October 18
    6:00pm – 10:00pm
    The BeerMongers – 1125 SE Division St., Portland, OR
  • Killer Lupulin Night
    Wednesday, October 19
    4:00pm – 10:00pm
    The Upper Lip – 720 SW Ankeny, Portland, OR
  • Killer Benefit Night
    Thursday, October 20
    5:00pm – 10:00pm
    The Garrison Tap Room – 8773 N Lombard St., Portland, OR
  • Brewpublic’s 8th Brewniversary Party
    Friday, October 21
    6:00pm – 11:00pm
    Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern – 1004 N. Killingsworth St., Portland, OR
    Saturday, October 22
    Noon – Midnight
    Bailey’s Taproom – 213 SW Broadway St., Portland, OR
  • Killer Beer Week Recovery Beerunch
    Sunday, October 23
    11:00am – 2:00pm
    Laurelwood Brewing – 5115 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR