Beer Bloggers Conference wrapped up

The Beer Bloggers Conference ended today and while I’m still writing about the final two days (that’s going to be a long post), I did just want to post a note saying that this was a great conference (as such things about blogging go, I imagine) and I found it incredibly valuable. Much thanks out to the organizers (Alan and Elle, great work).

And it was great meeting so many other bloggers that I’ve only followed or corresponded with online, it’s really interesting and encouraging to see so many angles to this whole beer blogging thing.

If you’re interested, I posted quite a bit (including photos) to my Twitter feed this weekend, “live.” That seems to be where the backchannel is, these days.

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  1. I suppose it’s too much to ask to suggest that they host it in Bend next year? It would be a fitting city–and it would allow me to fulfill a vow I’ve made…

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