Beer Bloggers Conference 2016: Tampa, Florida

Beer Bloggers Conference 2014, Beer Brands panel
From BBC ’14

The Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference is just over a month away, taking place July 8 – 10 in Tampa, Florida this year, and yes, there is still time to register if you haven’t yet. And yes, this year we’re participating!

Beer Bloggers Conference

(Yes, I’m happy to be going to the BBC once again, but at the same time… Florida in July? Oy…)

The agenda looks good too:

Friday, 7/8

  • Intro by Julia Herz
  • The Beer Industry in Tampa and Florida
  • Beer by the Numbers
  • Pre-Dinner Reception – Hosted by Green Flash
  • Dinner
  • Beer Social Expo
  • Night of Many Bottles

Saturday, 7/9

  • Breakout sessions:
    • Friends, Stories, and Sales – Actually Make Money Blogging
    • Increase Your Followers and Engagement on Social Media
  • Next breakout sessions:
    • Shareworthy (& Awesome) Visual Content Creation with Little to No Budget
    • Analytics – Know the True Story of Your Reach and Engagement
  • Lunch hosted by MillerCoors and World of Beers
  • Keynote Speaker – Stan Hieronymus!
  • Sour Beers
  • Live Beer Blogging
  • Progressive Dinner with three breweries

Sunday, 7/10

  • Over a Pint – Building Community in a Creative Way
  • Beer Tourism – The Next Big Thing
  • Wrap Up & 2017 announcement

There are also pre-conference and post-conference excursions available for anyone arriving early or staying late.

And at at cost of only $120 for “citizen bloggers” that’s still a great deal for a conference with as much as you get from this one.

I’m looking forward to attending this year… see you there?