Announcing the next Session (#108): “Snowed In!”

The Session #108, Snowed In!

It’s been a number of years since I last hosted The Session; the first time was way back in February of 2008, where I asked bloggers to write about Barleywines, and the next time was August of 2011, where the entreaty was Sour Beers. So it was time to host once again, and I’m happy to say I’ll be handling the honors for The Session number 108 for the month of February!

The theme is “Snowed In,” and I want it to be open-ended. It’s the first week of February—we are solidly in the grip of the winter, which means hunkering down from the cold and, depending on where you live, waiting for warmer days to thaw out the ice and snow. But perhaps it’s one of those winters, where the snow starts falling… and falling… and falling some more, and the next thing you know, schools are closed, there’s four or more feet of snow on the ground—and you are effectively snowed in and not going anywhere.

The Session #108, Snowed In!

For those of you living in the southern climes who don’t have snow to worry about, perhaps it’s some other stormy situation keeping you indoors—hurricanes or tropical storms, for instance. You tell me—I live northerly!

So what’s next? That is what I want you to write about—as it pertains to beer, of course! Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions to hopefully inspire some ideas:

  • What style(s) of beer do you prefer for this cold weather? Open one up and write about it.
  • Do you dip into the stash or cellar, and drink something special? Does the occasion warrant it? Why, or why not?
  • When you know the weather’s coming, do you stock up on a favorite or go-to beer? What makes you pick this particular beer?
  • Are you a homebrewer? Maybe this is the perfect time for a brew day—what would you brew? Have you brewed in the snow before?
  • Alternatively, perhaps you have a hodge-podge of brewing ingredients lying around but nothing definitive—could you MacGyver up a homebrewed beer from only what you have on hand?
  • Imagine you were snowed in at a cabin in the mountains for the winter. What one beer would you want with you, and why? (Think “desert island beer” but colder.)
  • There’s plenty of time to catch up on reading; what beer book(s) would you read? If not a beer book, what would you be reading—and what beer would you pair with it?

I hope these can get you started, but feel free to write about whatever you like, as long as it has something to do with beer and being snowed in, on Friday, February 5.

In fact, this doesn’t have to be confined to only beer blogs; let’s see if we can incorporate some other social media as well. Facebook? Write a post or post a picture, and tag The Brew Site and/or post on my timeline. Instagram? Post a picture of your snowed-in beer and tag brewsite and make sure to hashtag #thesession. Twitter? Same deal, tag @brewsite and hashtag #thesession. Pinterest, Snapchat, something else? Be sure to let me know with a comment and a pointer!

Or of course leave a comment here on the blog. And I will do my best to scan the social feeds and make sure to include everything I find, and will round up everyone’s contributions that weekend.

Happy snow day!

The Session #108, Snowed in!