Advent Beer Calendar 2017: Day 20: Haacht Tongerlo Christmas

Haacht Tongerlo Christmas

Today’s Advent beer pick comes from Belgium’s Brouwerij Haacht, a brewery with over a century of history behind it: their Tongerlo Christmas. The Tongerlo beer line is brewed for Tongerlo Abbey, and their Christmas ale is only available during the winter.

For centuries the Norbertines of Tongerlo devoted themselves to the art of beer brewing. With contemporary techniques and the same passion, Brouwerij Haacht has been responsible for the continuation of this ancient tradition since 1990.

Amber with a creamy, white foam head. Nice balance between a fruity, spicy hop aroma and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Re-fermentation in the bottle is a meticulous process. The right amount of pure culture yeast must be added before the beer can be bottled. Once bottled, the bottles are stored in our warm room at 22 ° C for about 2 weeks. Afterwards the beer only reveals its rich flavors pallet. Intensified aromas, from flowers to fruits to herbs, are the result. [via Google Translate]

Abbey ales pair well with just about any type of food, and with 7% alcohol by volume it should make for a terrific addition to your holiday meals—and one to enjoy while getting that holiday baking finished up!

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