Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 11: Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale

Fat Head's Holly Jolly Christmas AleToday’s Advent beer pick is one you can get at two opposite ends of the country: Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale. Fat Head’s Brewery originated in Cleveland, Ohio, has an additional location in Pittsburgh, and just recently opened up their newest location in Portland, Oregon—quite a leap! I was in Portland myself last weekend for a book signing and had the pleasure of sampling Holly Jolly myself and it inspired me to include it on this year’s list.

The beer is tasty and rich, and it’s brewed with honey and spices—cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and coriander. At 7.5% abv it’s a nice warming winter ale. Here’s what they say:

Once upon a frozen evening way up north, a sweet local honey named Holly inspired our Jolly Fat Man (as only Holly can) to create this festive spiced holiday ale. We think you will enjoy his holiday creation with it’s aromas and flavors of Christmas day. Sweet malt, ginger, honey and cinnamon spice. Sip this by the fire with your significant other. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a little inspiration of your own. From our Jolly Fat Man to yours, Happy Holidays.

And as a bonus, their food pairing recommendations include holiday fruit cake! We just don’t see that often enough. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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