Zwickelmania Bingo!

The other day in my post on tomorrow’s Zwickelmania I made a mention of a “Zwickelmania Bingo” game. Well last night and early this morning I hacked together just that: a Zwickelmania Bingo board generator!


(Yes I am a web developer in addition to a beer geek.)

Here’s how it works: I simply used the list of participating breweries on the Oregon Brewer Guild’s Zwickelmania site, plus added some shuttle bus slots, and the possibility of some random beer styles, and when you visit the board generator, it will build a random Bingo board of breweries (and beer types, if you choose) that you can then fill out when you visit that brewery tomorrow (or sample that beer style). By default it will give you a board with a random selection of breweries from ALL the regions, or you can select only those regions you want to see. And you have the options to add in the beer styles too.

Then—print it out, cross off the spaces for breweries you visit and/or beers you try, and have fun!

That’s all there is to it! And, if you want, Twitter your results with the hashtag #zwickelbingo.

And how about anyone who tweets a picture of their finished Bingo card with that hashtag—I’ll run a post of the “winning” Bingo cards.

Of course, this is all just for fun—please don’t take this too seriously and always—always—be responsible and don’t drive when you’re drinking!

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