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Little Woody day 2

We followed up the first day of The Little Woody by heading down early on Saturday, arriving about 12:15 just after they opened. (My usual MO for beer fests.) It was already a beautiful day, and already getting hot, so while the crowd was light we snagged a table in the back that was in the shade, and stayed there with our group for the time while we were there.

Day 2 went much the same as day 1: drinking lots of good beer, running into friends, and generally enjoying a well-put-together beer fest. For most of the day while we were there, the crowd was not nearly as busy or packed as it was the previous evening—but I’m quite sure it got very busy in the evening again (we left about 6:30).

Here are the beers I sampled that day:

Overall, a great event this year, with great beers. I had a great time, and have more pictures from the day: