What exactly was the fate of Elliot Glacier Brewpub?

Over a year ago I posted about the Elliot Glacier Public House being for sale (located in Parkdale, Oregon); since then I’ve wondered a bit about what became of it, as I hadn’t heard anything about it. More recently, the website appears to be down (although you can still see the pages on Google), which seems to indicate that it closed—perhaps didn’t find a buyer.

And then I found this posting on Craiglist (that link is likely transient and will disappear after a month or so), which seems to me pretty much has to be about Elliot Glacier:

Looking for operations/investment person to re-start a brewpub/ public house in the Hood River/Gorge area. With spectacular views of orchards/Mt Hood this place could be a gem with creativity; marketing; idea implementation and good old fashioned work and service. Preferable to have brewing/pub/food service managerial or ownership background. I am willing to commit dough, thoughts, time in to get this puppy off the ground but need good day to day managerial person involved and the best would be to bring also some of their own investment dollars too to commit to a once in a lifetime project. Business was viable for 13 years now shutdown but has everything to start up rather quickly.

(Interesting how it doesn’t mention anything about actual brewing skill.)

Anyone out there in the know about what’s going down?

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