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Visiting the Great Pumpkin Beer Fest (day 1)

Elysian Brewing’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival has been on my “bucket list” of beer events to attend for a while now (since I love pumpkin beers, as long-time followers know), and this year was finally it. I’ll have more to write about the Festival after this weekend, for now some images and notes from yesterday’s Day One.

We’re here with a media pass (of course), which allowed us and the other media to enter at 3pm yesterday, an hour earlier than the 4pm general opening, and sample beers and get pictures and notes ahead of the crowd.

So far, I have to say I’m super impressed, and this might be my favorite beer festival ever: nothing but pumpkin beers, 65 or more of them, with various specialties rotating on tap at different times of the day. There is a mind-boggling variety and so far some really, really good beers.

Here’s a list of what I sampled yesterday:

So, 16 beers in all. A good start!