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They’re trying to ban Bad Elf again…

Last year the state of Connecticut tried to ban Bad Elf beer—that is, beer with Christmas-themed labels that "might appeal to children"—and this year, apparently not learning, the state of New York is trying to do the same.

The specific beers are Seriously Bad Elf Double Ale, Rudolph’s Revenge Winter Ale, and Santa’s Butt Winter Porter. Three others are two more Bad Elf varieties, and Warm Welcome Nut Brown Ale. All brewed by Ridgeway Brewery and imported by Shelton Brothers, same as last year.

What’s going on here? Is there something in particular about this brewery’s beers that are rubbing these liquor authorities the wrong way? Nobody really believe the labels appeal to children, so I wonder what the real story is.

Via Lyke 2 Drink and Beercraft Blog.