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Three Creeks FivePine Porter

I have such a backlog of reviews—this one for Three Creeks Brewing‘s FivePine Porter dates back to the end of December (it was a gift from my good friend Shannon). This is a dry chocolate Porter that I believe was originally brewed for Three Creeks’ two-year anniversary last July and has since made it into the regular lineup. Unfortunately I can’t be sure because their website isn’t up to date on their beer listings—or at any rate I can’t click on the “Seasonal Brews” button at the bottom to explore further.

What I do know is that FivePine Porter is 6% alcohol by volume, and makes for a tasty, well-brewed beer.

Appearance: Dark cola-brown with wood-putty-tan head, creamy.

Smell: Dusty coffee notes, dry cocoa; mellow and understated, nice aromas.

Taste: Nice dry Porter, with a touch of smokiness, mild coffee with hints of fruitiness. Competently brewed, nicely drinkable.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with nice roasty dry finish.

Overall: Perfectly good Porter, a nice cool-weather drink.

There are no reviews on BeerAdvocate yet, and RateBeer offers up one (for an even 3 out of 5).