Theme Weeks abroad

By "abroad", I mean other blogs are picking up the Theme Week baton, and of course, I will tongue-in-cheekingly take credit for inspiring the trend (though of course I didn’t).

The Geistbear Brewing Blog has been running an "Italian Beer Week" after discovering a source of Italian craft beer. I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of the brewing renaissance emerging in Italy, but I have yet to see any such craft beers. Should they arrive, however, I’m totally stealing Italian Beer Week and running it here.

And then today Dave over on Champagne of Blogs announces that it’s Bacon Week all next week. Not directly beer related, no, but it is a beer blog and it’s a themed week, so I’m good with it.

And then here on the Brew Site, September 15th (the third Monday of the month) starts Oktoberfest Week. (You had to see that coming, right?) Most posts that week will be Oktoberfest-themed, and the Week will end on the 20th—the actual starting day of Oktoberfest. I like how that works out.

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