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The next Session: The Good Stuff

Next month, March 5th, is The Session’s third birthday: that’s right, three years ago March, the first Session stormed the internet on the topic of Stouts—“Not your father’s Irish Stout,” as suggested by Stan (who also came up with the idea of The Session).

So it’s entirely appropriate that March’s theme—brought to us by SirRon of The Ferm—is “When to Drink the Good Stuff“:

Finding a drinking occasion that lives up to the reputation of the bottle and the story of its acquisition is not a dreadful struggle to have, but it is a struggle nonetheless. When my good friends are over and we have had a few other beverages, will we still be able to enjoy my cave aged Hennepin that I bought after my tour of the brewery and have cellared for ten years? Will I miss it like I miss that four year old Golden Monkey?

In March, The Ferm has the honor of hosting The Session, a monthly assemblage of beer bloggers to opine on a shared topic. The March 2010 topic is “The Display Shelf: When to Drink the Good Stuff.” The topic is open ended and the rules of The Session are close to nil. You can use your post to be persuasive or therapeutic. You may choose to tell a story of a great bottle you once opened or boast of your own beer collection.

Friday, March 5th. Be there.