The next Session: Brew Zoo

Rick Lyke is hosting next month’s Session, and today he’s announced the topic:

So what is the topic for September? Welcome to the Brew Zoo.

Have you ever noticed how many animals show up on beer labels? We have lions and tigers and bears, plus various birds, reptiles, fish, assorted domesticated and wild animals, plus a few mythical creatures. For whatever reason brewers have a tradition of branding their beers using everything from pets to predators. The Brew Zoo will celebrate these lagers and ales.

Your assignment for The Session #7 is to go on a beer safari and help stock our Brew Zoo with animals large and small. This is one hunt that even PETA should not protest.

So beers with animals on the labels… that’s probably the most creative idea yet. I’m fortunate in that local brewery Cascade Lakes features animals on several of their beers, so I’ll likely take the easy road and blog about them. But I’ll be keeping my eyes out for others, too.